Look ahead to keep your capital investments always on effective working conditions.
BETASISTEMI follows you up all through the working lifespan of your machines, and even when they become obsolete we may have a solution to upgrade and keeping them on profitable operations.
Efficient, effective and friendly services is our proven means to keep long-term mutually-satisfactory cooperations with our valuable customers worldwide.

After sales services

We are always ready and prepared to help you: for preventive maintenance, troubleshooting consultation and even for the unexpected.

A regular schedule of preventive maintenance concretely helps to keep your machines efficient and reliable, it reduces your operational costs and prevents from serious and costly damages due to their sudden breakdown.
Our Sales Team will be your trusted partner to work out the most suitable program of periodical maintenance for your equipment; feel free to contact it for information.

Whether an unexpected failure occurs our promptness and extensive experience on machines and processes make the difference to minimize the downtime of your machineries.
We are firmly committed to provide you with our most efficient, friendly and cooperative support both from our headquarter and on the field; contact our After-Sales Dept. for getting assistance.

Service hours: 8:00-19:00 Mon-Fri
Special Hot Line available on demand

replacements parts

The efficient management of spare parts supplies is a key part of our service program, supporting you for carrying out scheduled replacements as well as emergency repairs.

We assist you promptly with the quick processing of your requests for:

  • Genuine parts for BETASISTEMI machines.
    All the parts are constantly available on a long-term basis, and the most important wears are permanently kept at our stock for quick delivery.
  • Interchangeable parts for several multi-brand equipment.
    Suitable for the free replacement of the original parts, minimazing delivery time and costs.
  • Original RIZZARDI top-quality capstans and pulleys for all-brand rod breakdown machines and many other drawing machines.

An effective stock of well selected parts at your premises makes you well prepared to put your machines back into operation quickly after a breakdown.
Ask freely our Spare Parts Dept. for a list of the recommended spares for your machines.


Dated existing equipment can often represent a valid solution for several production needs, but they sometimes can’t guarantee proper and reliable operations.
The electronics is obsolete or no longer repairable, the original design is unsuitable for meeting the new production demands.

Anytime recovering an existing machine is more advisable then buying a new one we will support you with the supply of new control cabinets as well as quality revamping and upgrading works: that is our way to strenghten our reciprocal connections by providing you with what you actually need.
We have a very long and qualified experience in those activities.

Do not hesitate to inquiry our Sales Team for evaluating the possibility and the opportunity of bringing your existing machineries back to profitable working conditions.