Heavy drawing machines

Heavy drawing machines are our answer to the consistent demand of producing large wires with different shapes, both for electric and mechanic applications.
Round, flat, trapezoidal, triangular, trolley wires can be all produced; made of pure copper, copper alloys, aluminium and aluminium alloys.
Single drawing blocks and multi-draft drawing machines in “non-slip” technology are both available, which can be equipped with shaving and/or cleaning units.
The line can be completed with self-traversing take-ups for precision layering as well as horizontal coilers for thick wires.

S5    trolley wires

Multi-purpose non-slip drawing machine for producing thick wires: trolley as well as round, flat and shaped.
It can be complete with a wide selection of optional according to the specific field of application; i.e.: inlet pre-former, in-line shaving unit, skin-pass unit, hydraulic pointing machine.

Processing materialCu - Cu Alloys - Al - Al Alloys
Max Speed10 m/sec
Number of Wires1
Max Inlet Diameter24.00 mm
N° of Drafts5 (different on demand)
Outlet wiresTrolley - Round - Flat - Shaped