Take Up Systems
BETASISTEMI proposes a large selection of take-up solutions with reliable functions for long-term trouble-free operations, featuring ergonomic design and solid construction to guarantee high performance, ease of use and minimal maintenance.
Inside our products portfolio you may find the proper answer to your needs for collecting round and shaped wires, multiwire bundles and stranded conductors.

Our standard take-up solutions include:
  • Dynamic Single Spoolers: manual - automatic - compact cantilever-type.
  • Dynamic Double Spoolers: manual - automatic.
  • Static Spoolers.
  • Automatic Vertical Coilers.
Custom equipment and special winding solutions can be designed and manufactured to cope even with the most peculiar requirements.
We are ready to support our customers with the supply of:
  • Horizontal Coilers for thick wires and special materials.
  • Sliding-stand take-ups for trolley and shaped wires as well as stranded conductors. Max bobbin size: ø 1000 / 1600 / 2000 mm.
  • Stationary take-ups for large bobbins. Max bobbin size ø 1600 / 2000 mm.