M1 – Ultra-Compact rod breakdown line for copper wires

Oct 25, 2021

M1 is the latest development of the BETASISTEMI’s Technical Team.
We do continue our research for designing innovative equipment which brings remarkable advantages to the Wire & Cable Manufacturers.
M1 fits the most restricting space requirements and allows consistent savings on the plant footprint.
At the same time M1 guarantees high performance and great quality of the finished wires.

Technical Remarks:

  • Drawing Machine + Annealer + Dancer in 5.5m only
  • Drawing capstans and annealer’s shafts driven by individual motors for limited-slip operations
  • 12 drawing drafts (13 on demand)
  • 5,000 Amp horizontal annealer
  • Drawing range Φ 1.12-4.50mm (1.00-4.50mm with 13-drafts)
  • Max speed 36m/sec
  • Production capacity up to 20,000 Ton/year