BETASISTEMI is a new Company set up in 2020 gathering a Team of very renowned and skilled professionals having almost 30-years of experience in the field of DRAWING and STRANDING MACHINES for non-ferrous wires and their relevant technological processes.
The name may sound new, but our proven technology and appreciated services are always the same.
We confirm our committment to support the business of our historical customers and new clients who will entrust us.

Facts & Figures

Since the early nineties our Team has been designing, manufacturing and selling high-quality reliable equipment, suitable to support heavy working conditions and providing low-cost operations as for energy consumptions and maintenance.
Till now we have marked the design of:

  • 200+ Rod Breakdown Lines
  • 50+ Multiwire Drawing Lines
  • 40+ Stranding Lines (since 2012)

supplied to more than 180 costomers over 50 countries worldwide..


rod breakdown lines


Multiwire drawing lines


stranding lines


We have significantly marked the evolution of the market for the past three decades by bringing important technical innovations to our machines, later largely adopted by other manufacturers.
The most outstanding and popular evidence are the Rod Breakdown Machines with capstans driven by individual motors, which have became a worldwide standard.


Today our activity continues under BETASISTEMI Company and our vision remains unchanged: we are firmly committed to the technical innovations which bring competitive advantages to our customers as well as to constantly enhance quality, reliability and durability of our equipment.


We may proudly claim that we are really unbeated to support our customers in dealing with their daily “real-life” problems and challenges, through our friendly and cooperative approach, problem-solving oriented and rejecting any unnecessary bureaucracy.
Our aim is establishing long-term effortless cooperations with our valuable customers, and our means to achieve such a goal is making simpler, more efficient and convenient to do business with us.